The parking area closest to the park generally fills up quickly, so if you arrive later in the day, it can be hard to find vacancies in this area. In that case, you can drop off your passengers in the “kiss and ride”-area by the handicap parking zone and look for parking space in one of the other parking areas on the map. The parking areas have signs showing their number P1 – P6, and the Mjøsparken logo, and are easy to find.

Parking along Strandvegen is not desirable, because it may hinder emergency vehicles. If you are unable to find vacant parking spots in the parking areas on the map, we ask you to find suitable parking in the centre of Brumunddal. The walk from the city centre down to Mjøsparken along the river is pleasant and not too long. 

Camper vans can be parked at P5. This parking area also has waste disposal facilities. 

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