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Things to do

Mjøsparken offers activities for visitors of all ages: a basket ball court, a large skating facility, a playground with a zipline, and a lovely beach which must be experienced. The park also has a petanque court and a beautiful sensory garden. Or perhaps you would prefer a stroll along the Mjøspromenade, or maybe board the passenger ship Skibladner – the world’s oldest paddle steamer still in timetabled service?    


Resting area, "Sukkertoppen"

Along the main road E6 a resting area has been constructed between Mjøsparken and the freeway. The resting area is designed as a hill, named “Sukkertoppen” which can be translated as “The sugar mound”, and provides a great vantage point to Mjøsparken and the surrounding area.  

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Petanque Mjøsparken


Mjøsparken has two pétanque courses, both measuring up to international standards, 4 x 15 metres. The courses are framed with stone, and with benches turned towards the lake. The lovely sensory garden is also situated close by.  

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Sansehage Mjøsparken

The sensory garden

When in full bloom, the sensory garden looks and smells lovely. This truly is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and the lake Mjøsa. 

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Mjøsparken Ringsaker

The mjøspromenade

From the park area of Mjøsparken and towards the north along the shore of Mjøsa, a new promenade has been established. The promenade is great for walks as well as for bicycle rides. 

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Industrihistorie Mjøsparken Ringsaker

Industrial history

For almost 100 years, the area which now has been transformed into the beautiful Mjøsparken was an industrial site. In 1916, the first sawmill was established on the lakeside plot.  

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